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The backgound behind the tradition of GENTIL,

Decades ago, some of the finest Alsace wines were called GENTIL ("blend of nobles grapes"). When such a wine was made from grapes grown in just one famous vineyard, the vineyard name was added, as was the case with our SPOREN "HUGEL" , now called "S" HUGEL.

The first vintage, 1992, was successfully introduced in certain test markets. Subsequent vintages have continued this trend in many other countries, including USA, Canada, Sweden, Australia and even Malaysia and Hong Kong.

GENTIL "HUGEL" is based on the refreshing Sylvaner grape, in order to reach an affordable price, with over 50% of the 4 "noble" grapes varieties : Tokay Pinot Gris for body, Riesling for finesse, Gewurztraminer for richness and spice, and Muscat for fruit.

The grapes for GENTIL "HUGEL" are all selected and vinified in our cellars and subject to exactly the same strict standards of quality that characterise all the wines we produce.

We are certain that even the most demanding of palates will appreciate this wine with the "HUGEL" signature, an agreeable wine at a reasonable price.

Shown below is the wedding menu of Lina and Jean Hugel in 1921 and above the label used until 1923 for "HUGEL" GENTIL DE RIQUEWIHR.